Sunday, August 31, 2014

Carseat + Cover from Carseat Canopy!

Remember way back in June when we got our stroller? Seems like a long time ago doesn't it?! We were of course planning on purchasing the carseat to go with it, since it was part of a "travel system" but we were so bless by Mark's sister and her husband who bought us the carseat for my baby shower a few weeks ago. 

Of course once we got the carseat home we had to try it out with the stroller and play around with all of the different ways you can click the stroller seat and the car seat in. Ever since then we've just had the carseat and stroller sitting out in our foyer - for really no other reason than we just like to look at it once in a while. :) We've also had the carseat out so we could install the bases and make sure everything worked properly in the vehicles, but mostly so we can look at and anticipate Reaghan's arrival.

At another baby shower this past week, my mom gave me a carseat cover and I am so excited about it!

We went with the classic black for the stroller and the carseat so we can use it for multiple babies/genders if God continues to grow our family, so having something to dress it up a bit makes me super happy. Everything is lined with Minky fabric so it just looks and feels so soft and cozy. It is perfect for the upcoming fall and winter season. Not to mention its chevron! I love chevron everything for this baby!

I have no affiliation with them at all, but if you're looking for a cute shower gift for someone Carseat Canopy is where my mama purchased this from and they often have coupon codes where you can it for super cheap + shipping. : ) 

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