Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Baby Shower!

I am a little late posting these since my personal life photographer (aka my sister from Without Words Photography) had a pretty busy month and had to prioritize editing the pictures she was actually getting paid to do over mine. : ) But she did give the pictures to me last night, so I am excited to share the beautiful moments from the baby shower that my sisters and mom threw for me at the beginning of August!

They hosted the event at my parent's house...

They made some delicious drinks! Sweet Tea, Strawberry Lemonade and Cucumber Water!

They had a picture frame for people to sign for me and Reaghan...

Party Favors! Mason Jars with fun pink striped straws that everyone used as their drinking glass for the shower.

And they had a bag of peanuts in each one since Reaghan's nursery is full of elephants and they carried that theme through the shower. :)

 I loved the paper pendant banners that they made for the shower! I brought some home to hang up in Reaghan's nursery. (Stay tuned soon for the big nursery reveal!)

They also had a "letter" for everyone to fill out for Reaghan, sharing their prayers and wishes for her for the future. It was fill in the blanks like - "I hope you learn to love_________" or "I hope you're not afraid to________" It was precious reading everyones responses! Some fun and light hearted, some thoughtful and serious. I am keeping them in Reaghan's baby book to look back on one day.

A dear friend from church, who is extremely talented in cake baking, made me a delicious cake for the shower. She even formed the adorable elephant to go on the top! Unfortunately the day was hot and the icing melted before the shower started, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the mouth watering flavors! 

We also had a larger cake - just to make sure there was plenty to go around :)

We played a fun game of Baby Scattegories... Listing baby items from A-Z without duplicating someone else's response! I... umm... did terrible! I could barely think of any items!

We also had everyone guess Reaghan's birthday and weight - I'm not a fan of those guessing we'll go PAST the due date of the 11th!

I am so blessed by the ladies that came out to celebrate Reaghan! It hit me the other day what a blessing it is to have a community around you that genuinely loves you and want to help you provide for your new little one! They gave so many beautiful gifts and items of necessity when they didn't have to. How sweet to have people in our lives to support us in this journey.

Erin made a beautiful blanket for Reaghan to match her nursery!

Mark's mom had a quilt made for Reaghan!

My mom gave me a blanket that had been made by my aunt for me when I was a baby and also a romper that I wore when I was a toddler. I am looking forward to using them both for Reaghan!

Not only did these women give physical gifts, but they spoke words of Life and Blessings over Reaghan and Mark and I during a sweet time of prayer.

I am very grateful for my wonderful family who spent their weekend, time and money to throw this lovely shower for me and Reaghan. My very first baby shower! So many "firsts" this past year! Memories that I will cherish forever!

Reaghan's Grandma 

Auntie Sara

Auntie Sara and Cousin Lindy

Aunt Mal - Mal

Aunt Erin 

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