Friday, September 5, 2014


Some Panorama shots of the 99.9% finished nursery!

Some notable things in this nursery:
- The crib was a gift from Mark's parents
- The glider was a gift from my parents
- The shelves on the wall were built by Mark to hold her stuffed animals and books
- The changing table was one that my aunt bought for my mom when she was pregnant with me. I painted it white and Mark built a new shelf for the bottom because it was missing the shelving pieces.
- The hanging baskets above the changing table was an idea off pinterest! The original idea was using items from IKEA, but when I added up the cost it would've been $50 to get what I want (including the shipping costs.) So I put this together with a cheap curtain rod from Target and got the baskets from Marshall's. Total cost me less than $20! Yay! Not often you can find something cheaper than IKEA!

The last .1% keeping this nursery from being finished is the blank wall above the changing table and the window curtains! I really want gray chevron curtains but they are so hard to find! Amazon is the only place I can find the ones I want and they are pricey, so I am trying to save up some points on my Amazon card to get a discount on them. 

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