Sunday, September 14, 2014

Not So Patiently Waiting....


I know I shouldn't complain seeing as I'm only 3 days past my due date today, but the anticipation is KILLING us! We are so ready for Reaghan to get here and she seems pretty darn content to stay where she is at.

At my last appointment on my due date, the Dr. said she didn't know why Reaghan wasn't trying to come! I'm 5cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby is engaged at station "0" in my pelvis - all the ingredients are there for labor to start but it just hasn't started. She "swept" my membranes a little to see if she could get some things going but apparently my amniotic sac is "bulging" so she didn't do much because she didn't want to accidentally break my water. (wow - my standards regarding what to/not to share has really lowered the last couple weeks! I guess pregnancy does that to you?!) Okay so enough of those details.... the Dr. did an impromptu ultrasound just because the machine was already in the room and she wanted to check on her amniotic fluid levels - I got to see her precious heart beating through her ribs and her lungs doing some breathing exercises! Everything looked great so the Dr. basically said go home and try to get labor started!

I would just like to say that my child seems immune to all the supposed ways of natural labor induction... spicy food? no labor, just heartburn. Walking? uh just makes me have to pee. I've been walking 1 mile everyday with Piper and last night tried walking the mall for like 3 hours with my mom and sisters... we had no luck but did have fun shopping! Having sex? this got us the closest with some cramping and contractions but it didn't last! (Again with the over sharing!?! Sorry - I have no filter these days, I just need to stop...)

There are some other suggestions like acupuncture, acupressure points, castor oil, and some other weird things that we're not that desperate to try. We just thought we'd give the "fun" ones a go.

I keep flip flopping back and forth between wanting to try to get this baby to exit and trying to remain patient and wait on the Lord. I suppose this is my first lesson in releasing mommy control over my baby back to the Lord and learning to understand that she really belongs to Him.

In light of our internal struggle we are spending today resting and relaxing and just letting it be. No trying to get baby to do anything.

 I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow and we can barely stand this waiting around to meet our baby girl, but we are trying to surrender our plans, trust in the Lord, and just enjoy what will be.

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