Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's in the bag?!

We are constantly on the edge of our seats, wondering if every twinge or cramp I feel might be the start of active labor! I am constantly reviewing what we have in the hospital bag to make sure I haven't forgotten anything so I figured I'd share what I have packed. This is an amateur list, seeing as this is my first time doing this! But I did do a little searching through blogs for what mama's recommended, so I tried to include their suggestions and also have a few options that might seem redundant since I'm not entirely sure what my preferences will be or what I'll feel comfortable in following the birth.

For Me:
  • 2 Nursing Bras
  • 2 Nursing Tanks
  • 2 Nursing "Sleeper" bras (basically sports bras) for labor and to wear under pajama's
  • Flip Flops for shower and walking around
  • 1 Pair of socks for walking around
  • Light weight/short robe for after delivery
  • 2 Pairs of loose fitting pajama's with button down shirts for easy to nursing
  • Underwear - though I'm told I'll be wearing some giant mesh panties provided by the hospital following the birth. 
  • Coming home outfit - yoga pants and maternity shirt - I'm not naive enough to think I'll be back in my regular clothes immediately following. :)
  • Toiletries for showering after labor
  • Phone charger
For Baby:
  • 4 Sleeper gowns to wear at night
  • 3 Receiving blankets - I know she'll also have some from the hospital
  • Hand mittens - incase she likes to scratch her little face
  • Pacifier - though I've also heard the hospital will provide one
  • Coming home outfit - 1 size newborn and 1 in a 0-3 month size just incase she is a little bigger than we are expecting. (I only did this because it happened to our niece born back in July!)
  • Boppy Pillow for nursing
For Labor:
  • Therma Care heating pads
  • Hand massager - for Mark to use on me
I also have a second bag packed with miscellaneous items
  • Reaghan's baby book  
  • Video camera 
  • Folder with hospital registration papers, insurance information and birth plan
  • Pregnancy Journal - planning to throw this in at the last minute
  • Laptop - for Mark to use during/post labor depending on whats going on
Mark has bag packed as well with toiletries, 2 changes of clothes, a bathing suit incase we decide to use the shower during labor, and some snacks. And we each plan to bring a pillow from home - which was advice from the nurse who gave the hospital tour.

Like I said - this is our first go-around so I don't know if we've over packed or under packed. I feel like I may have over done it on the clothing options for myself and might end up just hanging out in the hospital gown the whole time, but I'm very concerned about being appropriate and modest when people come to visit afterwards yet at the same time be wearing something comfortable that I can easily nurse in. We'll see what happens!

We are only 2 days away from our due date - hopefully we'll be throwing these bags in the car very soon!

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