Wednesday, September 10, 2014

40 Weeks!

This mama is so ready to meet her little girl. I am trying to be patient but it is getting harder and harder! 

I feel great during the day, but as night time rolls around and I settle in for another night of restless sleep, I feel exhausted and uncomfortable and ready to have this baby! I know that I won't be getting any extra sleep once she is here but at least I will be holding her in my arms and not just staring out into the darkness!

Last night I was up late with intense back cramps and occasional contractions. I was hoping they would continue to progress into time-able contractions but unfortunately they started fading away all together around 4am.

As Mark left for work this morning, I was teary eyed and frustrated. I had let him sleep through my cramping and contractions last night in case it did turn in to active labor (no need for both of us to not get any sleep) so he asked me what was wrong. I told him I was upset that we still had no baby and weren't any closer to having a baby today even after my body seemed like it was preparing for it last night, and that I was ready for Reaghan to be here! I think he chuckled a little at my emotional response and kissed be goodbye - encouraging me that we are just now at her due date and that we just need to be patient. 

He's right. God knows the exact moment Reaghan will take her first breath in this world and we just need to rest in His plan! 

So Happy 40 weeks little girl! Tomorrow is your official due date and another Dr's appointment! We will see what they have to say. 

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