Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Baby Stroller!

Mark and I have been contemplating baby strollers for weeks! There are so many to choose from and range from anywhere from $100 to upwards of $700! Obviously we had a limit, and it was well below $700, but we wanted something nice that will last us for more than just our little girl. We started to look at "travel systems" - strollers that come with the carseats for a bit of a discount and had  finally settled on a Graco model that was pretty middle of the road - nice and durable but not outrageously expensive. We were going to get it from Babies R Us, but figured we'd get it in a month or two - I mean, there wasn't any rush to have stroller just sitting around the house if we at least had it picked out.

Well it just so happens I was searching on craigslist for a jogging stroller yesterday - I have to be honest, I'm a terrible thrifter. I pretty much never go to thrift stores and rarely search craigslist. I know I'm probably missing out on many hidden treasures, but every time I try to "thrift" I just never seem to be able to find what I'm looking for. Maybe I just don't know where to look or how to search for things... but it actually did work out for me yesterday! Like I said, I was looking for a jogging stroller when I saw a post for the exact Graco stroller Mark and I wanted to get! She was also selling a car seat and 2 bases.

The total system in the store - brand new - that comes with stroller, carseat and base was $369.99. The stroller by itself brand new is $249.99. We decided we didn't want the carseat the lady from craigslist was selling because it was a little beat up and stained, but we ended up getting the stroller for $150, and 2 carseat bases for $25 each. (which retail in the store for a little over $50 each!). We were pretty happy!

And this is why we loved this stroller so much:

Thats pretty cool right?

We got our gently used one home, cleaned it up and disinfected it and now it is ready to go! Loving that we were able to save some money on our top choice for a stroller. Now all we need is to buy the car seat, which we are planning on purchasing off of Amazon and using our amazon points to get a pretty good discount on that! 

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