Monday, June 2, 2014

2 Year Anniversary Beach Day

Mark and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary this past May 12th. With everything thats going on in our lives right now - house projects and preparing for baby we didn't quite get to turn our anniversary into a little babymoon/getaway like we were thinking about back in March. But we didn't need to, we enjoyed a beautiful day together down at the beach with our pup instead.

Our anniversary fell on a Monday, so we both decided to take the day off and spend the whole day together. 

We stopped at our favorite little local sandwich shop/bakery/dairy farm - Bergey's Breadbasket - for lunch. They have picnic tables outside so we were able to take Piper with us while we ate.

After lunch we headed to the beach where we spent the rest of the afternoon. 

Piper couldn't wait to see where we were at when we got to the beach...

Since it was a Monday, the beach wasn't too crowded. We found a nice open spot to set up our little camp and enjoy the warm sun and the ocean air.

My love and our first "baby". 

There are few things better than spending the day with your toes in the sand, sun on your skin and your love by your side. (And your sweet pup.)

After we spent some time just relaxing, we couldn't resist seeing what Piper would do when she got to the water - and Piper had pretty much exhausted all of her patience with us just sitting around when there was so much to do and see! I would apologize for all of the pictures we took, but she's just so cute and we had so much fun playing with her in the water, I had to post them all!


 I had to get in for a little bit too - but not too deep because the water was freezing!

Yay for the Baby Bump ;)
I ended up purchasing a maternity swim suit just before Memorial Day, because even though my normal suit fit me fine here - I knew it wasn't going to last very long! 

Our sweet girl didn't like laying in the sand after she got all wet, which makes no sense since she loves to get wet and dirty, but we let her have the beach blanket anyways. 

After the beach we came home, got cleaned up and exchanged a couple gifts. Spending the day in the sun feels amazing, but it tends to put you in a pretty drowsy, chill state of mind, so we just decided to keep with our laid back Anniversary theme and went to one of our favorite pizza shops for dinner and then got some ice cream for dessert. 

The day was perfect. Incredibly relaxing and focused just on spending time together without any distractions. I could never have imagined this beautiful love that God has allowed me to enjoy with this man. Here's to 2 whole years of marriage, many many more years, and a house full of babies to come.

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