Friday, June 13, 2014

Goodbye 5:30am

I'm probably going against the norm by talking about saying good bye to 5:30 am wake up calls... I mean, aren't most of the moms/housewives/women in general in the blogosphere often talking about their goals of waking up earlier in order to be more productive? And here I am shouting adios from the rooftops to waking up that early and doing a little happy dance while I wave goodbye! 

Since last September I've had to be up this early 3x a week in order to be at work to get my first patient of the day started at 6:45. But our summer schedule starts this Monday, which means we open just a little bit later since kids don't need to get their appointments in before going to school. I mean, our earliest is still 7:30, but you wouldn't believe what a difference 45 minutes makes when you're talking about dragging yourself out of bed in the morning! There is just something about that alarm going off before 6am that makes you feel like its entirely too early to be waking up. Especially when your husbands alarm isn't going to go off until 7. I know many people, for many different occupations, wake up this early or earlier for 5 or more days a week, but I'm going to share a little secret with you - I am just NOT a morning person. I've always wanted to be, but for some reason my bed is the most comfortable and I feel the most tired right as my alarm is going off.

I'm always excited when this time of the year rolls around at work and it means I get to sleep just a bit longer, but this year is even more special because today was actually my last day EVER of waking up that early in order to get to work. When the school year starts back up this fall and all of my coworkers reset their alarms for 0 dark 30 - I'll be waking up to the sounds of a tiny human needing me. I know, I know, it will be much earlier than 5:30, and will be an "alarm" that goes off multiple times a night instead of just once in the morning, but I'm okay with that. I'm sure I'll be tired. Probably way more tired than I am now. But I'll be home... in my bed... in my pajama's... not required to cheerfully greet grumpy coworkers and sleepy teenagers... and have a baby in my arms.

So as I go to bed tonight and happily change the time setting on my alarm, I have just one sweet song to sing...

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu
To you and you and you!

I am planning to go back to work after I have the baby, but will only be working a limited, afternoon, part time schedule. I am still working on the details of the position with my supervisor, but I am excited about the way God is working this out in our favor and I am excited to share with you what our plans are as soon as we have it all figured out!

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