Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pregnancy: Week 25 & 26

I've been wanting to take some pictures next to my moms chalkboard for a while now to document my first pregnancy, unfortunately I was a little late actually starting it - 25 weeks in and I'm just now doing it! Ugh... it would've been fun to see me go from no belly to belly, but better late than never. And I've still got 15ish weeks left to photograph my growing baby! 

I forgot to post last weeks so I'm doing them both together today. :)

I was able to run 1 mile today with Piper for National Running Day! I could've gone for the second mile but it was pretty hot since we didn't go out until about 10:30 this morning. I'm gaining weight a little more steadily now so I want to make sure it is healthy weight :) and since I'm planning a natural birth I almost feel like I need to "train" for it. I want my body to be healthy and in good shape to endue the labor.

Our little lady is getting stronger and stronger every day - Mark is able to feel her kicks now, although she tends to shy away when he first puts his hand on my belly and it takes her a while to get used to his touch and start moving again. 

Some fun pregnancy symptoms I'm experiencing include bathroom wake up calls 3-4x a night and heartburn! I even keep some Tums at a drawer at work. :) 

Mark and I took a childbirth preparation class the month of May. For a few hours every Tuesday night we would go and watch birth videos, learn relaxation techniques and learn about what it means to be "dilated" and "effaced". It was fun! Of course I've been around babies and pregnancies my whole life - having 4 younger siblings, many younger cousins and having close relationships with ladies at church - so this information didn't come as a complete surprise to me, but it was fun to go and experience the class together as a couple. Mark's sister, who is due in July, also took the class with her husband so we enjoyed being there with them every week as well.

We've also started on the nursery, so hopefully I can start posting pictures of that soon!

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