Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks

This past Saturday the babe in my belly turned 21 weeks! Yay! 1/2 way there. :)

Weeks Pregnant: 21 Weeks and 4 days
Symptoms: These last 2 weeks I've finally been able to stop taking the anti-nausea medicine and keep my food down at the same time! I remember it was around 20 weeks with Reaghan that I finally got rid of all those yucky nausea symptoms. I currently have to eat every 2-3 hours to keep from feeling like I'm going to gag and throw up, but as long as I do that I feel totally fine! I've also started having some heart burn if I eat too much chocolate or spicy foods like Mexican. 
Fitness & Weight Gain: I've gained back all of the weight I lost that first trimester (13 pounds) and added another 3 pound gain to that, so I like to think I've only gained 3 pounds so far this pregnancy. :) Now that we've had some cooler days I've been trying to walk more with Reag and Piper. I really want to run but it just hasn't felt "right". (More on that below)
Clothes: My belly is making it uncomfortable to wear my regular clothes but my maternity things are still a bit too big except for 2 size small maternity shirts that I have. I've been wearing my 1 pair of maternity shorts anyways because they're way more comfortable than tying a hair band around the button of my pants. I really need to buy myself some fall clothes because I don't have any cold weather maternity things!
Cravings: No real strong cravings just yet but I'm really enjoying carrot sticks with ranch, a yummy salad and hot tea!
Aversions: Occasionally when I have to clean out the fridge or prepare dinner I get a little "gaggy" but its usually because I haven't eaten recently. 
Best Moment this week: Seeing growing baby on the ultrasound!
Baby Movement: Lots of kicks and rolls mostly in my lower stomach and bladder. We saw on the ultrasound that baby is breech with head behind my belly button and feet down so that explains the bladder kicks.
Looking forward to: Learning baby's gender at the reveal party next week! I think its a boy - it has a boy head/face to me!
Sleep: Waking up around 2 times a night to pee. 
Reaghan's Thoughts: "baby gowing bid and stong!" (Baby is growing big and strong.)

The 20 week ultrasound is my favorite because I love seeing all of the baby's anatomy and confirming that is is healthy and growing. We found out with Reaghan right away during the ultrasound that she was a girl and this time we closed our eyes for the gender pictures. I didn't like having to close my eyes!
Baby was pretty chill during the ultrasound. Didn't really flip and turn much which was different from Reaghan. He/she did keep bring the arms up to the face and even the mouth a lot though. So cute!
Because of the way baby was laying and not moving the sonographer didn't get a good picture of the heart so we have to go back in 2 weeks for another look. They said not to worry because what they could see looked fine though! Unfortunately they also found something else with me that they want to recheck as well. Apparently my cervix length is shorter than normal. Per my Dr. 4cm is normal, but if you've had a previous pregnancy it can cause it to be shorter so they'll consider 3-4cm normal. Mine was 2.9 cm. : / They want to recheck it again in 2 weeks, hoping that they just didn't get an accurate measurement. Until then they want me to be on pelvic rest (cue the husband tears), no baths, no pools/swimming, no lifting more than 25 lbs. and no running. (This may explain the heavy feeling I've had when trying to run. I'm so glad I didn't ignore that feeling!) If it's still 2.9cm or less when they remeasure they'll refer me to the Maternal Fetal Medicine center for management to lessen the risk of premature labor. Which could include progesterone or stitching my cervix or bed rest. 
Fun right?!
I'm trying to worry about it until we remeasure in 2 weeks and until then just praying that we get a better measurement next time :)

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