Friday, October 14, 2016

Reaghan's Curious George Birthday Party

Reaghan's 2nd Birthday party happened just about a month ago and I won't bore you with the reasons for why I'm just now posting it. At least I got her actual birthday post up around her actual birthday.

We like to decorate for birthdays and I always say I'm going to keep it simple and then I get on pinterest and womp womp... I end up doing way more than I planned. But it is fun and it makes for a cute party. We gave Reag the choice of an Elmo birthday or a Curious George birthday (her two favorites!) aaaaand she was torn so I chose for her because I definitely love Curious George more than Elmo haha. Honestly though, it sort of backfired on me because every store known to man sells Sesame Street birthday decor and zero stores carry Curious George. I had to buy off Amazon and hand make my own signs. BUT I lucked out and found someone selling Curious George party items on a Facebook Yardsale site. Cha-ching! I got table toppers and hanging signs for $8! :) Go me!

We printed the pictures of Curious George characters and paired them with the food. 
Check out my Pinterest board for all of the inspiration.

I kept things on the simple side and got solid color table clothes from the Dollar Tree and solid color balloons from Party City.

Somehow we missed getting pictures of her cake and blowing out her candles but I did get a picture of her chowing down on some icing. Her favorite part of the cake. ; )

(This table cloth came with the the cake plates and cake topper that I ordered off Amazon.)

Her Aunt "Nin Nin" get the credit for her super cute hair. 

We have a giant projector screen at home so I was able to get images from google and trace them on to poster board and then just color them in with magic markers to add a little extra to the decorations.

We don't have pictures of it but we also took her George stuffed animals and books and set them around the living room for decorations and then gave Curious George books as party favors for her cousins that came to her party.

I was so thankful for Reaghan's behavior during her party. She has a very timid and reserved personality and it has been a parenting struggle to find the balance between requiring her to be polite when spoken too but also not pushing her to the point of exasperation. I was worried she would have a melt down being the center of attention while opening presents and blowing out her candles, but she was a delight! After each present opened she would look to who gave it to her and thank them and even hold the presents up for people to see. She loved taking each present over for her cousin Brooklyn to look at before going on to the next one. I know I'm bragging on my own child here, but it was precious. I prayed over these party moments for days before the party and I'm so glad God gave her a sweet spirit throughout her fun day.

My parents got her a little 5 gallon fish tank for her birthday! She LOVES it! My dad came early and set it up while Reaghan was still napping and finished it off with 5 little fishies for her to care for. She has affectionally named them Nemo, Dory, Oriole (daddy helped with that one and its her favorite), tiny, and Sara (after her Aunt Sara! haha) She loves to feed them every day and makes sure to tell them good morning, goodnight, goodbye, etc. 

It was a fun afternoon celebrating sweet Reags with our families!

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