Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Apple Orchard {2016}

A few weeks ago we headed up to Massanutten for our annual tradition of a long weekend in the mountains to go apple picking and enjoy some fun fall sights and smells! Like I said last year when I wrote about this trip - it's something I look forward to every year!

We left Friday morning and if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my sappy post about being in the throws of parenting a toddler, because its hard sometimes. I know I just have one so I have a lot of learning to do, but still... I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the challenges and its moments like this sweet, pink, fuzzy bag full of all of the toys Reaghan sweetly helped me pick out for the trip that give me all the warm and fuzzies in my heart and give me the breath of fresh air to keep pressing on through the tantrums.

We followed the same routine we did last year with a stop at the Short Pump mall for lunch and to let the girls have a chance to stretch their legs. Buuut I didn't take any pictures this year of the girls playing or riding on that cute little train.

We didn't get to go to the craft fair that we went to the last couple of years. Its usually held the first weekend in October but we've been going up over Columbus Day which falls the next week. Last year we got lucky because the first weekend got rained out and it got postponed but not so much this year. It actually rained all day on Saturday so we didn't get to go to the other craft fair on the Massanutten resort either. Boo.

Here we are (semi) ready for our day!
The rain and fog made it hard to see the pretty, fall mountains behind us.

Instead of the craft fairs we headed to a fun little shop in town. Not the same one as last year, but similar. It had a toy store with unique and some old fashioned toys. It also has some Mennonite furniture, a little book store, home decor things, a little candy shop and a fun area to eat fresh deli sandwiches and yummy soups. Oh and the best soft pretzels! 

Reaghan and Brooklyn loved the toys store!

In the evenings the girls liked to play with their bubble wands (a gift Brooklyn brought home for Reaghan from her trip to Disneyland.) They didn't seem to mind at all the it was wet and chilly outside as their bubbles and music filled up the balcony because, well, bubbles. 
A 2 year olds favorite activity for sure.

Sunday we had planned to visit a few other favorite spots like the Lavender Farm and a new playground but Reaghan woke up in the wee hours of Sunday morning with a high fever of 103!
I got a little nervous for a while because she started complaining of different body aches - her eyes,  arms and neck. I made sure her neck wasn't stiffening and that she didn't complain when I moved it and some Tylenol helped bring her fever down so that helped ease my worries. Unfortunately she was not a happy camper for several hours.
We ended up spending the whole day Sunday at our little condo unit while the others went out and enjoyed the day. We were sad to miss out on the fun, but honestly, it was kind of nice to just lay around on the couch all day as a family and relax. It's hard to do that type of thing at home because theres always something that needs doing around the house, but on vacation you can literally sit down and stay there without feeling guilty. Thankfully during Reag's afternoon nap her fever finally broke for good and she was in much better spirits the rest of the time! 
Not sure where the fever came from?!

She loves to brush her teeth. And yes, that's a huge jacuzzi tub in the bathroom that I didn't get to take advantage of this year... We shared the bottom unit with Ann, Jason and Brooklyn this year instead of having it to ourselves like last year which was so much fun and the girls loved it, but it just didn't make taking a nice bubble bath very feasible. Plus, technically you're not supposed to be in hot baths while pregnant and who likes a lukewarm jacuzzi?!

So glad Reaghan was feeling better for Monday's festivities because that was apple picking day!

Brooklyn was adorable in her overalls and checkout Reag's boots. Are they not the cutest? 
Perfect for  apple picking in the mountains.

We went to Showalter's Orchard where we went last year and came back with a big bag of fuji's, golden delicious and red delicious apples. They had amazing Apple Cider slushies that day that just hit the spot! We'd never had those before so that was a fun treat.

Here Reaghan and Daddy are walking to the trees that were ready to be picked from. 

Reaghan was way more helpful with the actual picking of the apples this year. ; )

Her hair was in cute little pig tail braids, but once she got moving around they just didn't stay in.

Family Picture!
My scarf is doing a good job of hiding my 5 month pregnant belly. : )

Teaching her to find the good ones!

Seriously this girl. She's the cutest 2 year old ever.
I'm so blessed to be her mommy.

After picking apples we had lunch and then headed to the Route 11 potato chip factory. Their machines were down for maintenance so we didn't get any chips fresh off the conveyor belt, but they still had samples out to munch on and we bought a big bag of our favorite flavor. 

Of course, I also got some of my favorite cream soda!

That night back at the condo we had a girls mani/pedi night. 
We might have had to re-do the little's nails a couple of times because it's just so hard to wait for fingernail polish to dry!!
They loved it though!

Reaghan also got her teeth flossed a couple of nights by her Aunt Ann - the dental hygienist/professor of dental hygiene. ; ) Reaghan thought it was so much fun haha and hey, whatever keeps my kids cavity free is awesome! 

We had to head home the next afternoon but we had a fun morning before we left.
The girls finally got to see some deer close up while we got ready for breakfast.

Their last breakfast together. They ate all their meals at the little coffee table together and had a yummy feast every morning. I think Reaghan might have had pancakes every morning except this one. ; )

After breakfast we got to go to the playground that we missed out on on Sunday.
It was awesome! They had the typical playground slides and equipment, but also so much more! Some fun play houses, bikes, a little pretend road to ride the bikes on, sculptures with buttons that made animal noises and awesome parent/child swings to swing together on!

Brooklyn loved the swing!

Reaghan was a little nervous. Her face in this picture cracks me up!

Here I am in the middle of one of those challenging "parent of a toddler" moments - reason for said toddler to be upset? She didn't want to take a picture with mommy and daddy. 

Never a dull moment with a 2 year old. :)
She might not be smiling, but thankfully she knew to change her attitude and we got a decent picture.
I'm totally trying to show off my growing bump!
Parenting, with all of its tiring, challenging moments is the best thing that has ever happened to me (after marrying the baby daddy of course) and I genuinely love being a pregnant mom playing on the playground with my toddler. So, so grateful. My cup overflows.

Another mountain vacation in the books with lots of fun memories made!
Next year both of these girls will be big sisters and we'll be making this trip with 2 extra babes in tow.
I'm already looking forward to it!

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