Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

25 Week Update!

Weeks Pregnant: 25 Weeks and 3 days
Symptoms: The heart burn and indigestion have kicked themselves up a notch this past month. Somedays I don't have any and others it seems like no matter what I eat it causes it. Tums usually calms everything down though! I've also had round ligament pain this time around that I never remember having with Reaghan.
Fitness & Weight Gain: I weigh 160 now. 10 lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight. It's a little more than I would've wanted to gain at this point and I know I've been eating like a crazy person this month. I'm so hungry all the time! Plus its baking season, so I'm totally eating my fair share of breads and cookies. I need to kick up the exercise side of things. I am off of restriction now so I ran 1.5 miles yesterday and actually felt really good! I'm doing a 6 mile race in 2 weeks, but plan to run/walk it. : )
Clothes: Fully in maternity clothes now! Some pants I can wear using a hair band around the button but its not super comfortable. The outfit in the picture that I wore to church on Sunday was so comfortable!! Give me all the leggings!
Cravings: Sweet Tea! 
Aversions: None at the moment. 
Best Moment this Month: Finding out baby's gender! We are so excited about another little girl! Now we just need to decide on a name! 
Baby Movement: Stronger kicks. I can feel my belly tighten when she's rolling around - I love it because it means she's getting nice and big in there. Mark has felt her move and a few of my siblings. Reaghan has tried to feel her move and is really interested but isn't patient enough to leave her hand on my belly long enough to feel a kick. 
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery ready. We haven't even started yet, but we're planning on switching Reaghan in to a big girl bed this weekend and putting the crib in the nursery. I can't wait to decorate Reaghan's big girl room!
Sleep: Sleeping really well! Only getting up maybe once to pee which is better than it was last month. Enjoying my sleep while I can!
Reaghan's Thoughts: Where is baby sister? "in you belly." Do you love baby sister? "yea!" When is baby sister coming? "ja-u-aury" (January.) Are you going to give your crib to baby sister? "no." 

I had my re-check ultrasound to see baby's heart and measure my cervix and everything is normal! Thank you Jesus. I'm no longer on rest and don't have to follow up with any specialist. They recommended that I don't run too much, but I think thats just because I'm getting further along in my pregnancy and not so much related to anything specific. Like I said I did 1.5 miles and felt pretty good - other than sore muscles from not working out in a few weeks while on "rest". Baby is fully healthy and we got some more sonogram pictures which is always nice. My mom went with me to this appointment and it was fun to have her with me to see the ultrasound. :) I have another appointment this Friday for my glucose test. Yay! *insert sarcasm here*

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