Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gender Reveal Party

It's also been almost a month since we found out what baby Poindexter #2 is!
We didn't do a gender reveal party for Reaghan but my mother and sister-in-law really wanted to throw us one this time around and I'm so glad they did! It was a fun afternoon with family and they really went above and beyond making the cutest decorations!

We all headed over to my in-laws house after church that Sunday and ate some yummy food before heading into their backyard for the big reveal!

Everyone grabbed either a mustache or pink lips to represent their guesses and we took some pictures to have evidence of who was right!

As you can see, there were way more guesses for a boy than for a girl!

Finally it was time to open the box!

No one knew what was inside!
The ultrasound technician sealed the results up inside an envelope which I then passed on to Ann, Mark's sister. She took the sealed envelope to Party City and they filled the box with the correct gender color! 
(Funny side story - it actually didn't go that smoothly. When they ultrasound tech put the gender ultrasound pictures in the envelope I assumed she had also written girl or boy on the inside of the card. I didn't want my ultrasound pictures going to Party City incase they got lost or damages so I snuck them out - without looking! - and just left the card in the envelope. Apparently when Party City opened it later there wasn't anything written on the card!! So I had to call my Dr office, get another card with the secret written inside and drop that off to Party City. I had them check before I left that there was actually something written in there! Thankfully it doesn't take long to fill a box with balloons and now theres a funny story to go with the party.)

I had a total mom fail right before opening the box.

I tried to have Reaghan help me open it but was also using scissors so we could open the box without destroying it and I totally pinched Reags fingers where she was helping me hold the scissors. *face palm* Poor baby. She was not happy and we had to take a moment to collect ourselves before we could proceed. Hence the reason I'm holding her in the next picture and daddy now has the scissors.

Mark and I had really convinced ourselves that it was a boy.
Mark said the ultrasound tech said "oh, there it is." when she saw the gender so obviously "it" had to mean it was a boy. And she also said she was 100% sure what the gender was, which according to Mark, when we had Reag's ultrasound they were only 90% sure. 
I thought it was a boy because of some old wives tales that said a slower baby heart beat meant boy. This baby's is always in the 150's and Reag's was always in the 160's. AND they say boys sit on the right side of the uterus in ultrasound pictures and girls on the left. This one was on the right. So, obviously these legit scientific methods of gender prediction had me convinced. Or at least leaning in the boy direction.

But we were wrong. : )

Our surprise faces are genuine.

It was fun to hear the "oohs!" and cheers from the family as we saw the pink balloons floating out!
(There was supposed to be a weight on the end of the strings so they didn't fly away - thankfully a tree caught them and we snagged them back down for some pictures!)

(Note the yellow "boo boo bunny" in my hand from the scissor incident.)
We were super excited to finally know!!

Yay for girls! As you can see in Mark's family (his sister and cousins) - we have yet to produce a male for the next generation!

We are so excited for another little girl!
I can't wait to dress my sweet babes in matching outfits and use phrases like "me and the girls..."!
Mark is excited that her wardrobe is already complete and mama doesn't need to do much shopping. Kidding. Sort of. ; )
He is looking forward to having another little girl to love on and be smitten by.

We are still working on a name, but we can't wait to meet you in January sweet Baby Girl!

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