Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

28 Weeks!

Weeks Pregnant: 28 Weeks and 3 days
Symptoms: Heart Burn continues... Round ligament pain continues... Noticing some back and SI joint pain if I sit or lay in a funny position. Some rib pain thanks to little girls feet sitting snuggly on the right side of my upper ribs. Its getting harder to do things like put on my shoes and bend over to pick things up!
Fitness & Weight Gain: I weigh 164 now. So since my last update 3 weeks ago I gained 4 pounds. Not bad. My belly has definitely gotten big the last week or so! Mark commented on it one night and then 3 people at work commented on my belly really popping out! haha.  I did run the 6 mile race and you can read about it here. Over all I've been trying to add in some more at home prenatal workouts and brisk walking to combat my eating! I do need to get these legs in a bit better shape to prepare for labor. 
Clothes: I need more winter long sleeve shirts and sweaters! I also need a coat because I can't zip any of mine up and its getting colder outside! Also struggling with work clothes. A sweet coworker lent me her maternity pants but they are a little big on me. Good thing I only work 2 days a week ; )
Cravings: Honestly, I haven't been craving anything specific the last few weeks. Unlike at this time in my pregnancy with Reaghan when I just wanted to eat all the Watermelon and Fruit! I'm just in general really hungry and want to eat all the things!
Aversions: See above. Eat all the things!
Best Moment this Month: Seeing sweet baby girl on a 3D ultrasound! See the pictures below. Also deciding we are 99% sure on a name!!! At this point we might keep it a secret until the end ; ) we have 2 names at the top of the list and Mark loves one a little more than the other so I think we're going to go with that one... 99% sure! 
Baby Movement: This girl is active all of the time! Maybe I don't remember Reaghan's pregnancy as clearly, but I feel like this one moves way more than Reag did. She loves to sit on my right side and as I said, with her feet in my ribs. We can see my belly move when she moves which is always fun to watch. A few times when Reaghan has been talking to her she has started to move around - it was so sweet and melted my mommy heart. I can't wait to see them together.
Looking forward to: Getting maternity/family pictures done this month! Reag needs her 2 year old pictures done and I thought it would be fun to get some maternity shots before the weather gets really cold. Also looking forward to Thanksgiving and getting the holiday season started because once that comes and goes baby day will only be a month away!
Sleep: I will randomly wake up several times a night on my back! It's really uncomfortable, I don't like sleeping on my back even when I'm not pregnant, so obviously its worse now. I don't know why it keeps happening! Maybe I keep trying to roll over in my sleep and can't quite make it all the way around haha. Anyways, once I wake up I have to pee and thats sad sometimes.
Reaghan's Thoughts: She's finally okay with giving baby her crib since she loves her big bed so much. Maybe she'll be up for giving sister her paci's too?! She thinks my belly button is the microphone to talk to sister. She loves to point out the sonogram pictures hanging in our kitchen and say "look! its baby in mommy's belly!"

Thankfully I passed my glucose test a couple of weeks ago and my anemia testing, not that I was really worried but I'm definitely grateful for health in all areas. 
I now start going to the Drs every 2 weeks instead of every 4 so that means its getting closer and closer!!

Here are the 3D ultrasound pictures that we had done for free at the local community college by a student in the sonography program. It was amazing! We think she has a lot of similarities to Reaghan! We saw her move her hands around her face and grab her umbilical cord and even caught a smile!
Can't wait until I can kiss that squishy face.

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