Monday, March 6, 2017

See Lilly Grow {1 Month}

Lilly Jean has been with us for 1 whole month as of last Friday!

This month has been so different compared to our first month with Reaghan. 
I mean, the girls are similar in their personalities, but we as parent, are so different this time around.
Less stressed. Less intimidated. More confident. Lets just say I'm not counting how many pee or poop diapers she has in a day this time around. :)

Here are some highlights from Lilly's first month!

At her 2 week appointment she was 8 lbs. 10 oz. but I think she's significantly heavier now. She loves to eat! She's outgrown most of her newborn outfits, especially the little sleepers, which sort of makes me sad because I was so looking forward to snuggling with her in those footie pjs. But we definitely did get lots of snuggles! Size 1 diapers.  

She's been a perfectly healthy baby! No jaundice or weight concerns following her birth. I've been so grateful that we've all stayed healthy leading up to her birth and the month since. There has been a lot of sickness in our area but so far we've escaped it all! Thank you God! 

She is a fantastic eater! I struggled so much with Reaghan in the beginning and had to use a nipple shield for the first few weeks to help with her latch, but Lilly has been a champ from the beginning, She eats every 2-3 hours and when she's hungry she is hungry and will not be fooled by the pacifier! She spits up a lot though! Which is not so fun because I end up smelling like spit up all day long.   

She's still waking up every 3-4 hours. Most of the time she goes right back to sleep but there have been the not so great nights! She's a night owl and usually doesn't fall into a good night time sleep until 10 or 11. She's usually pretty fussy during the evening too and wants to cluster feed a lot so most of the time I don't get to shower until she falls asleep. She takes a good 2 hour morning nap that I use to have "Big Girl" time with Reaghan. I'm learning to be more intentional in my motherhood and not as worried about getting the laundry done. In the afternoon I've been letting myself take a rest during Reaghan's nap time and Lilly usually naps in my lap during that time. I know I'll need to be more productive during nap times soon, but I'm enjoying my time to sit and cuddle my newborn while she's  still a newborn. I don't feel the need to "prove" that I can get it all done like I did with Reaghan. 

Mommy! Using my ergo carrier a lot lately, especially trying to fix dinner. I thought for sure she was asleep the other night but I must've got a little too close because her eyes popped wide open! I think she smelled me!!! She makes her daddy work for her affections. She likes to float in the big tub while Reaghan takes a bath. Loved her swing the first couple weeks but not so much anymore. Loves to be held at all times if possible. ;)

Being put down. :) She's sleeping on my chest now as I write this. 

She has lots of sleepy smiles but we've only seen a few intentional smiles. She cooed for the first time today for me and Reaghan and Reaghan loved it!

Sibling Love
Reaghan has been the biggest helper to me! Gets diapers, throws dirty diapers away. Has gotten very good at giving Lilly her paci when she's fussy. Will hold her in the mornings on the couch while I fix breakfast. She loves to give her kisses and thinks its hilarious if Lilly starts to "root" around on her face. She talks to her so sweetly copying mommy's voice... "Oh honey, its okay." "I'm here honey, I'm right here." "You don't need to fuss, nothings wrong." I love watching her love on her. 

 We've managed to make it to church on time which we were pretty proud of and I'm getting better and better at getting everyone ready and out the door with minimal craziness. *high five*

We're having fun being parents of 2 sweet girls, even if we are ready for bed by 6 on a Saturday night and the soundtrack of our evenings are Disney songs and newborn cries!

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