Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Engagement Fever

Todays post is dedicated to one of my favorite people growing up and his brand new fiance. 

If you spent time with the Doyle family you would notice a small tendency that the cousins have to reach life milestones in groups. We were born in groups, [thanks to our parents] graduated high school in groups,  found our special some ones in groups and finally decided to make [or say yes when our special someone asks us to be] our only someone for life... in groups.

Luke David, you've been a great inspiration to me in many ways, including musically and spiritually, over the last 23 years of our lives. You've added such a special dynamic to our family that we always feel your absence when you can't be with us. And we love the love of your life just as much as we love you!

Congratulations Luke and Megan! I am so excited to be sharing yet another stage of life with you. 
I pray God will use you and Megan to glorify Him in ways that you 
couldn't do if you were apart from each other.

Happy Planning :)

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