Sunday, January 18, 2015

See Reaghan Grow! {4 Months}

Reaghan turned 4 months old yesterday! Her 4th month was so much fun as it took us straight through Christmas and New Years. We enjoyed so many "firsts" with her and made so many memories. I feel like she has grown up a TON in just 4 weeks.

Here is what she's been doing:
  • Her 4 month appointment isn't until Tuesday so I will update her Stats after that!
  • She is in size 2 diapers. Still fits into some 3 month outfits but mostly 3-6 month clothes. It seemed like in a 24 hour span she outgrew all of her 0-3 month footie pajamas! One night they fit, the next night she was just too long!
  • We transitioned her to her crib just after New Years. The first week was a challenge but she has finished her 2nd week of sleeping in her nursery and its going better!
  • We start her bedtime routine around 9, which includes a bath, and she easily falls asleep by 9:45. The only down side is she now wakes up for a feeding between 3-4am where before she was sleeping 10-12 straight hours. (Not sure if this is a growth spurt thing or a crib vs. rock n play thing.) She is also waking up for the day around 7-7:30 instead of 9.
  • She can scoot herself in a 180* in her crib at night - swaddled and everything! Head is at one end when I put her down and at the other when she wakes up in the morning, so we are starting to wean her from the swaddle.
  • She is in a much better nap schedule - usually 1.5-2 hours in the morning and afternoon and a few cat naps here and there.
  • She has lost quite a bit of hair on the top of her head, but it is getting thicker in the back!
  • She is laughing more and more at silly noises and faces. It is the sweetest sound.
  • Sometimes family gatherings overwhelm her a bit and she just needs her mama when it gets a bit too overstimulating. But she's still quick to offer smiles!
  • She is trying to roll over but hasn't quite figured it out yet. Her first serious attempt was on 12/27. When laying on her back, she will swing her legs up in the air and get on to her side, but can't go any further. We practice it every day. :) Also practicing rolling tummy to back.
  • She loves to lean forward when I'm holding her, trying to reach for her feet or any object that I might have in my hands and she likes to "stand" with support.
  • Loves to sit in her high chair, her Exersaucer that she got for Christmas and her Bumbo seat - anything where she is up and can grab at toys and watch activity.
  • She is doing much better at tummy time and playing independently on her floor mat with her toys! Sometimes long enough for me to workout while she watches.

She is mesmerized by pretty patterns!

Loves to try to sit up but only lasts 1-2 seconds before falling too far forward or to the side. She has a while to go before this skill is fully mastered!

Hence the reason she is leaning wayyyy back in the seat for this picture! I have to be careful to lean her back far enough that she cant pull herself forward if I leave her sitting somewhere, even for a second or two!

It was just this time last year that I found out I was pregnant with her and she has been the best part of every day ever since. I never knew I would find so much joy in watching her grow, learn and discover new things. Sometimes its hard to remember what it was like before she was in our lives.

Smiles can quickly turn in to little fits if mommy is taking too many pictures. ; )

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