Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Happiest of 2015 to you!

Happy New Year!

So twenty fourteen is officially over and I have to say I'm sad to see it go. What a wonderful year it was for me and Mark. I loved looking back at my New Years post for 2014 and reading that I didn't have any plans for 2014 other than to just sit back and go with whatever happened, and man was that a good idea! Only 12 hours after I wrote that post I found out I was pregnant with my sweet Reaghan! From that day forward our whole year pretty much revolved around her!

Here's a quick look back:

Travels - We stayed pretty close to home this year. A 4th of July camping trip to NC and a trip up to Charlottesville was the extent of our travels this year! (Well, and a trip to Philly right after the 2014 New Year.)

New Accomplishments - Um. I pushed a human being out of my body. Without any medication. I think that tops my list for this year and all previous years combined.

New Scary Moments - After we found out we were pregnant we discovered about 90% of the OBGYN's in our area had dropped our insurance! Thankfully this was resolved before we got too far into the pregnancy. We found out 2 months ago that there is some uncertainty in Mark's job for the coming year. We aren't sure what all it will entail, but things could be changing for him/us in 2015.

New Milestones Reached - We celebrated our 2nd anniversary! We became Aunt/Uncle to our first niece. We had our first baby : )

New House Updates - We put new floors in! Pergo laminate wood flooring. Mark did 90% of the work himself! He's turning into a jack of all trades kind of man. We got a new roof! This one we hired the professionals for though. ; )

New Things Tried - We took parenting classes during our pregnancy. I switched from full time to part time at the end of my pregnancy and love being a mostly stay at home more than I ever thought possible! Keeping a tiny human alive for 3 months and counting!

Prayers Answered - A healthy pregnancy, a complication free delivery and a thriving baby.

We've also had some "unanswered" prayers this year and heartache in our family that I won't elaborate on because it isn't my story to tell. But we are having faith and remaining hopeful in 2015.

God was so good to us in 2014, even though we know we are undeserving. We also know that if things had been different last year, we would still proclaim God's goodness to us because it doesn't depend on our life's circumstances. But when I have the opportunity to praise him for the blessings of this life I try to do so!

We are looking forward to the coming year and continuing our journey as parents. Having a baby around infuses life with joy and we are excited about watching this beautiful little girl grow this year!

Wishing you the happiest of New Years in 2015!

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