Thursday, January 8, 2015

Italian Casserole

I had a can of pillsbury crescent rolls left over from our New Years Eve party where I tried to make these pinterest inspired "2015" shaped rolls - they didn't turn out quite as crisp as the pinterest version... but they tasted good!

Anyways, I wanted to find something else to make with the left over roll and I found a recipe for Italian Casserole! I think the dish turned out as delicious as it looked!

It was so easy to make! 

You lay the crescent roll triangles in the pie dish so that the wide edges are in the dish pressed together to form a crust on the bottom and the narrow edges lay over the edge of the dish.

Fill the dish with your choice of already cooked, ground meat (I used ground turkey), marinara sauce,  mozarella cheese and ricotta cheese. 

Fold the narrow edges over the mixture until their points touch in the center. 

Then sprinkle the top with mozarella cheese and dried basil.

Bake until warmed through and the crescent rolls are golden brown! Mine took about 20 minutes at 400*.

I loved how easy this was to make and yummy the buttery, flaky crescent rolls were with the pasta filling! I'm pretty sure I'll be making this dish again at some point. 

Adapted from this pinned recipe from the pillsbury website. 

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