Friday, June 5, 2015

Cookie Butter

Remember when I told you that Mark and I went to Trader Joe's after our anniversary dinner?

So.... I found something there that I had no idea even existed and I wish I had been eating it my whole life. You've probably heard of it because apparently its Trader Joe's most famous product. Our waitress at the Melting Pot was the one that suggested I try it out after she found out that was our after dinner plans. At first I thought I would just humor her and see what she was talking about, but now I want to go back and give her a hug and possibly a bigger tip.*

Can you guess what it is?

You guys. All it took was one taste. I am head over heals for this stuff. I seriously cannot get enough. I am trying to think of everything I can to dip in it or spread it on. I've even resorted to just licking it off the spoon. When I went grocery shopping on Sunday, I bought food specifically for eating with this cookie butter. I don't know what it is about it! Apparently it tastes just like Biscoff - but I've never had that either!!! I'm beginning to worry that there is a whole world of deliciousness that I'm missing out on. 

I bought a jar and also these -

My mouth is watering just thinking about them! I bought myself a box when we first went and ate them all in 2 days. (Eating half of the box Tuesday night and the next half Wednesday morning counts as 2 days right?) I seriously went back to Trader Joe's that Saturday and bough FOUR MORE BOXES of these cookies. I'm not even kidding. I did leave 1 box for each of my sisters that were house/dog sitting for me as part of my Thank You to them, but I took the other 2 on vacation to share reluctantly gladly with family. 

So why am I just posting this now? Because my jar of cookie butter is almost gone and I'm realizing how deep my addiction is running. I'm contemplating driving the 35 minutes out to Trader Joe's just for some more of this stuff. but I might try Biscoff first and see how that compares. (Though nothing can compare to the cookie butter sandwich cookies.)

And while writing this post, I realized I haven't even searched Pinterest yet for actual recipes involving cookie butter! Why am I so slow on the learning curve with this stuff?! So, I just hopped over to good ol' Pinterest and not surprisingly, theres a ton of stuff. I pinned this one. So now I basically have to go buy more of something to try some of these recipes. Check them out at Something Swanky. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Have you tried this stuff before? Do you absolutely love it? Mark says he's not a big fan - which means I can't even talk to him when he speaks nonsense like that. 

*We actually do try to tip wait staff pretty well - so don't get me wrong, we took care of her - I just mean she might deserve like a 50% tip for her, well, tip.*

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