Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Love it or Leave it: Baby Items Months 6-8

When I made the list for baby items of 4-6 months, I made a comment at the end of that post that I couldn't wait to make a new list of baby items as Reaghan continued to grow, but you know what? It turns out that as baby's grow - the less baby items you actually need! Haha duh, right? So there are a few specific things that we've definitely found helpful, but most things are just general (like baby spoons and sippy cups) that aren't really list worthy. SO you'll find this list a lot shorter than the previous ones!


Food Gear
For food on the go I've found a couple of things to be helpful - these little bowls with lids that secure shut and food pouches. I can portion out some oatmeal into the bowl and then just add water wherever we are going and I can squirt food from the pouch right onto a spoon or right into her mouth! It makes less mess and less dirty dishes to carry around in her diaper bag.

Cart/Highchair Cover 
This by far is my favorite thing right now. I just keep it in the car to be able to pull out any time we run into a store or a restaurant. Its not that I'm a huge germophobe here, though it is nice to know Reaghan isn't touching what hundreds of other people touch, I just love the way it makes her look more secure in the cart or highchair. I especially love the taggie one we have that's pictured below because I can hook some toys or her paci clip on the taggies to keep things from falling on the floor.

Umbrella Stroller
We love our travel system stroller and our BoB jogging stroller, but when we went on vacation we only had enough space in the SUV for one. We chose the BoB so I could jogging in the mornings with Reaghan, but we knew we weren't going to be able to take that into shops or the outlet malls. So while we were in the OBX we stopped at a baby consignment store and scored this small umbrella stroller that happened to be brand new in the box! We love having something super light and easy to travel with.
Baby Gates
Now that Reaghan's mobile, its nice to have some baby gates to keep her in one area if necessary. We used them at the beach a lot because it was a three level condo and we didn't want her falling down the stairs. I've used them some at home, but honestly, this girl is turning into such a mama's girl that she wants to make sure she can see me at all times. Which means she doesn't try to venture into other rooms while she's playing. I know we'll use them more and more as she becomes a quicker crawler and eventually starts walking. We just have the simple wood ones pictured below.
Reaghan has few different favorite toys these days, and mostly her favorite things include regular household items like cups or remotes, but the 2 stand out toys that always capture her attention are her wooden puzzle and her lights and sound Vtech racer. Its ridiculously cute to watch her grab the little wheel with both hands and turn it back and forth. And the puzzle, well, she mostly just bangs the pieces together. ; )


Mesh Food Bags 
I got these at a baby shower and have been looking forward to breaking them out and using them because I know so many people that love them! Plus, they just look like a fun, clever way for babies to eat food! But I cannot get Reaghan to get the hang of these things. I think it's a texture thing with the mesh, but whatever it, she is not a fan.

We're still use several pieces of gear from my previous lists, but some things are becoming less and less necessary, which is nice, especially when going out of the house. While new things are becoming essential to have! (like my cart cover!) And now that we are getting into the summer months, I know my 8-10 month list will be mostly seasonal as I'm already searching for a perfect pool float!

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