Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mark's Birthday & First Father's Day (A Belated Post)

I'm taking it back to the beginning of the summer with this one, but I feel awful that I never wrote a post about how awesome of a dad my man is - because he is pretty awesome at it.

As mentioned here in a post about our trip Texas, we were gone for Mark's actual birthday and didn't get home on Father's day until late afternoon. It wasn't fun or ideal, but we don't need to revisit that situation. Instead we'll just jump right into a sappy little tribute for a (super) belated Father's Day post.

It sounds cliche, we've all heard it said, but it undoubtedly true - Theres nothing that makes you fall in love with your husband more than watching him love on and play with your little girl. There's a special sweetness between a daddy and a daughter, one that I hope deepens more between the two as the years go on.

Even though Father's Day came and went 2 months ago, really, good daddy's are always worth celebrating and bragging on. So, thank you Mark Thomas for being a good daddy. Thank you for the way you scoop her up in your arms when you get home from work every night. Thank you for taking turns with me in the middle of the night to put her back to sleep, even when you had to be up early for work the next morning. Thank you for encouraging me in my times of doubt as a mother. Thank you for being so fiercely protective of our little girl. The thank you's could go on and on. I wouldn't want to do this parenthood thing with anyone else. ; )

And to end this post on a not so sappy note...

Mark's big combination present for both his birthday and Father's day was a Nag's Head Hammock swing. He and his dad then built this pretty arbor frame for it and also hung a baby swing right next to it. Hands down this has been our favorite evening past time of the summer. 

Reaghan especially loves it! 

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