Sunday, August 9, 2015


.... I'd like to interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you pictures for this week's episode of "Guess that Bodily Fluid!" ....

Soooo.... I don't often take pictures of my back side (yup, I took a selfie of my butt) but when I saw this spot on my rear end in the mirror as I walked into the bathroom to give Reag a bath, all I could do was laugh. It just sums up my week perfectly.

Reaghan has been sick this past week, (we both have actually) which means I've been covered in snot all week. (Hers, not mine ;)) She loves nothing more than to turn her head into my shoulder right after she sneezes and use me as a human tissue and she loathes being wiped by an actual tissue (or boogie wipe - my favorites!) She's also been teething (which may be a contributing factor to her snotty nose) so it has been #droolfordays around these parts. The spot on my bum is from playing on the floor with her.... apparently I sat in a puddle of her drool. hashtagmomlife.

I'm not complaining... honestly I'm not. But sometimes... I'm super grateful for bath time and bedtime and the chance to shower and change into clean clothes that will stay snot free, food free, and drool free for at least 12 hours. ; )

Here's to a healthier week for our home!

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