Tuesday, August 18, 2015

See Reaghan Grow! {11 Months}

Wow. 11 months. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Reaghan will be turning 1 next month. Mark and I have been reliving all of the emotions we were feeling this time last year as we were approaching our due date. If you're on facebook you know how it will give you a "memory" about the days date in previous years, and apparently we were taking our hospital tour at this time last year. I'm so excited for our future babies, but man, I don't think anything will top the excitement of preparing to welcome your first little one into the world.

But enough reminiscing. I'm sure you're dying to know what Reaghan's been up to this past month. : )

  • She still weighs less than 20 pounds and can still fit into a lot of 9 month clothes, though 12 month fits her pretty well too. I've gotta say, based on Mark and I's baby pictures I was fully prepared to have a chunk, but this girl must take after her Aunt Ann and Aunt Erin - she's my little bitty thing.
  • Sleeping 10-11 hours consistently at night. (8:30 - 7:00 usually.) If she wakes up, she usually puts herself back to sleep within 10 minutes without me going in to her room. I can lay her down for naps and bedtime without having to rock her all the way to sleep now - though more often then not I'm okay with rocking her to sleep because its usually the only time she wants to snuggle. Still taking 1.5-2 hour naps in the morning and afternoon.
  • She is less interested in her pureed food and more excited about eating anything and everything else. She loves steamed carrots, sweet peas and cauliflower, but steamed broccoli florets are her absolute favorite. She loves to eat eggs or banana's for breakfast and usually for dinner she just eats whatever we are eating. She is great at feeding herself, she can even feed herself from the little food pouches. I rarely have to hand feed her anymore.
  • She loves the little Gerber yogurt melts. If you bring out the bag, she goes nuts! Also loves sugar wafer cookies that her grammy got her hooked on.
  • We've introduced a little dairy into her diet - greek yogurt, some cheese and she got her first taste of ice cream and milk shake. No reactions to dairy - yay!
  • She's still nursing about 5-6 times a day but I'm trying to bring it down to 4-5 times. I've started thinking about how to go about weaning you and it's a bittersweet thought.
  • She has a stubborn, sassy personality. She isn't afraid to let you know if she doesn't like what you're doing. It's been challenging to know how to correct her when she screams or smacks at people. For a while when I would tell her no, she would just stick her tongue out and spit. I mean, where do babies learn these things?! Thankfully that phase didn't last long! Now she just hangs her head and gives a pout face when corrected. Let's just say I've grabbed quite a few parenting books off of my moms bookshelves this last month.
  • She traveled to Ohio and met many relatives for the first time. 
  • She traveled to Blacksburg and was the flower girl in my best friends wedding.
  • She got her first tooth the day we were traveling home from Ohio - literally it wasn't there when we left that morning and when we stopped for dinner it had finally popped through! She got her second tooth a week later. (both on the bottom!)
  • She loves to walk while you hold her hands. She's starting to let go and balance on her own in standing for a couple of seconds before falling to her bottom. 
  • She can make a "mad" face and loves to do it when we ask her to! She thinks its hilarious.
  • She loves to follow me around the house and pull herself up on my legs from behind me. She'll often stick her head between my legs, look up at me and laugh. 
  • She learned how to say "more" and "all done" in sign language and can point with her index finger!
  • She has started to put her hands together during prayers, we've been loosely practicing at dinner, but its mostly something she started doing on her own just from watching. : )
  • She's learning to follow simple directions like "come here" and "sit still". 
  • I turned around the other day in the kitchen to see that she had climbed herself up about 3 steps up the stairs! Time to pull out the baby gates!
  • Uncle Noah taught her how to "smell" things. She especially likes to smell candles.
  • I know tv watching is frowned upon at this age - but sometimes we watch Curious George together and she loves it. Especially the theme song.
  • Her favorite song to sing is "If you're happy and you know it." 
  • Thanks to daddy playing with her on his drum set, she loves to bang on things like they are drums, especially if she's holding something resembling drumsticks!

This was pretty much the last smile I got out of her during our quick photo shoot. Her tongue is usually hanging out like that ; )

Her favorite toy from her grammy. We've named her "Molly Polly Dolly". 

Okay, so maybe I got one more smile before she became disinterested...

Her general, overall feeling about our photo shoot.

"Are we done yet?" I mean, is this child 11 or 11 months... I can't tell. ; )

I love her relaxed pose with her knees bent. And the tongue. Always the tongue.

Crying or laughing? I confess, its a cry that can totally pass as a smile - so I put it up. ; )

And thats a wrap.

 I feel like once Reaghan turns one she'll be in full on toddler mode and 
just like that my first baby will no longer be a baby. 

So, Reaghan, forgive me if I try to make this month go as a slow as possible. I just need to soak in all of the babyness out of you that I can, while I live in denial that you'll be a year old soon.

How sad is that I only need to do one more See Reaghan Grow photo shoot?! But I am definitely looking forward to printing out these pictures and making a banner for her first birthday party to show how she's grown and changed since she was born! 

Don't go on pinterest if you're planning a 1st birthday party. You may end up throwing the birthday bash of the season for your one year old who won't remember a darn thing. We're just doing a low key, family party for her, but I have to keep reminding myself of that when I'm scrolling through Pinterest. I've already placed an order from Oriental Trading for some decorations. *hangs head*

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