Monday, February 13, 2012

Hall Bathroom

Mark is going out of town this weekend so I'm going to stay at the house and hopefully get some decorating done. For some reason, I'm obsessed with finishing our hall bathroom. I have yet to find a shower curtain for this bathroom that I really love and can base the bathroom "theme" around. We are sending out invitations soon and people will begin to see where we're registered, which means I need to figure out what I want to register for for this room!

, Here's a picture of our bathroom... showing a nice view from the tub.  Everything is tan. Tan walls, tan counter top, tan flooring and tan tile in the shower. So, needless to say, it needs some color!

I've registered for bronze bathroom fixtures like soap dish/dispenser etc. because I like the way the bronze will look against the counterops and flooring. My orignal thought was to paint the walls green but I can't find a shower curtain that will complement green walls!
So unfortunately at this point the wall color remains a mystery. Do I go ahead and choose the wall color and hope to find a shower curtain to match, or wait until I find the cute shower curtain and then paint the walls to match the curtain? So much pressure! Hopefully by this time next week I'll be able to show you an updated view of our bathroom with a fresh coat of paint... if only I can make a decision!

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