Saturday, February 4, 2012

Polar Plunge

Today I took a dip in the Freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean! Every year my work makes up a Polar Plunge team to raise money for the Special Olympics of VA and then one chilly day in February we join with thousands of other people to get together and run like lunatics into the ocean.

It's really quite invigorating.

This year my family came down to watch my crazy antics and I talked my brother into plunging into the freezing depths of the ocean. I thought it would take some coaxing to get him to do it but apparently he's just as crazy as I am and went right along with it!

First I briefed him on the proper way to plunge into the ocean, seeing as I'm an experienced plunger, having done this last year you see.

1.) Rule #1 you must RUN not WALK into the ocean, lest you lose your nerve
2.) Rule #2 you must completely submerge yourself into the depths of the water, even if it only comes up to your knees
3.)Rule #3 you must scream like a wild banchee the entire time. (He didn't comply with this rule for some reason)

After the rules were set we were off! Not only did we run in and out of the water once, but three times! And yes. We went all the way under. We could barely feel our feet as we ran back up the beach to our towels and it took us a good 1-2 hours to warm our bodies back up! But not only did we raise money for the Special Olympics but I made great memories today with my brother! He even wants to do it next year.

Pictures soon :)

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