Friday, March 8, 2013

Homemade Meal Challenge Update

I made it through the first work week of my homemade meal challenge!

It was tough. And I have to be honest, not all of the meals turned out that great. Like my Philly Cheese Steak sloppy joe recipe? Ick! Seriously, I will not be making that one again.

There were definitely nights, especially tonight, when I wanted to forget about it and just order pizza because I was tired or got home later than I thought... but I stuck to my guns. And my husband graciously finished each and every meal. Even the icky ones. Who knew my homemade challenge to try and eat better/healthier would be such a challenge for our tastebuds. Not because the food was bad but because my cooking skills were sorely lacking. I really anticipated it to go better than it did. : /

Tonight was probably the best meal yet! We had Chicken and Ranch pasta with some more homemade bread. (Thats one thing I made that turned out AWESOME!) But it took much longer to make than I thought. A 30 minute meal turned into a 90 minute meal... I was getting super frustrated but I made myself keep smiling and keep cooking. I was pretty proud of myself for whipping up the ranch sauce without any actual directions, thanks to a recipe from earlier this week that also had be make a sauce. (+1 for Meghan! If I gain nothing else out of this week, at least I learned how to make sauces).

Tomorrow we'll be taking a break from homemade meals for a usual night out together. I will be so glad to get out of the kitchen! While I do like the feeling of knowing I've made a homemade meals with natural ingredients for my husband and I, I am not a big fan of spending anywhere from 30-90 minutes cooking in the kitchen as soon as I get home from work and then only spending about 20 minutes eating it with Mark. But I guess thats just how it is, huh? 

I am very grateful that my husband voices his appreciation every night as we eat. And never lacks with compliments. He also left this sweet note on our love board tonight...

Hopefully next week goes a little smoother. 

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