Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taco Party, Emergency Vet and Fried Ice Cream

Wow, what a Sunday. When I went to bed last night I did not even imagine the day would turn out like this.

Mark and I had invited his Sister and Brother-in-law and his parents to have lunch at our house after church today. They were going to bring their dogs and we were going to have a nice cozy afternoon on a rainy, cold day. Mark and I went shopping last night for all of the makings of a yummy taco party and even looked up a recipe on Pinterest  for homemade fried ice cream - you know - to stick with the Mexican food theme. I was so excited, I like having people, especially family, over to the house. I was up a little later than usual last night making sure the house was all picked up and the food was ready to go since I'd be throwing it together right when we got home from church. I even went ahead and pre-made the fried ice cream so it would be nice and solid when we were ready to eat it. But unfortunately Mark's family never got to come over.

Our poor little Piper had been having some stomach issues the last few days... getting sick in the car (which by the way cost me about $40 to have shampooed...*sigh*) and not eating her normal amounts of food or even treats.  We chalked it up to motion sickness, and the eating thing to the fact that she's been teething so it might be bothering her to chew hard food. She seemed fine all day Saturday, even went running with me, and ate her food this morning, so we thought she was doing better - almost back to her normal self. Unfortunately that wasn't the case when we got home from church. With out going in to too much detail, she was having a hard time keeping whatever was in her stomach, IN her stomach. It was coming out all over her crate, all over my carpets and kitchen floor. After some discussion and a call to the vets office we were convinced we needed to bring her in to the emergency vet hospital. My poor puppy got all poked and prodded. After about 2 1/2 hours they ruled out Parvo (thank goodness!) and wanted to keep her 1-2 days for observation. We opted out of that because of the  close to $1,000 bill that came along with it, so they gave her some IV fluids to prevent dehydration, an anti Nausea injection and instructions to visit our regular veterinarian tomorrow if symptoms don't improve. After almost 4 hours we finally left! I mean, I didn't anticipate taking your pet to the emergency vet would take that long!

Mark and I were starving when we left because we never grabbed any lunch, so we decided to hit up some taco bell. Definitely not something we make a habit out of, but we were in no mood to make any food for ourselves and we were already in the mood for Taco's. : )

Piper is sleeping quietly now. She has a huge camel like hump on her shoulder from the fluids they injected in her, but thankfully she hasn't let any fluids exit her body since being home. : ) I think I might cry if I have to clean up another mess in my house. Hopefully she'll be able to keep food down in the morning or its back to the vet we go. I'm super thankful that tomorrow is Mark's work from home day so he'll be able to closely monitor her through out the morning. I know I probably sound crazy, after all, its just an animal. There might be a day when I'll just put a vomiting dog outside and not blink twice while I tend to my babies, but today little miss Piper is my baby, and I feel oh so bad that she is sick.

Once everything settled down after we got home and we got cleaned up from all of the nastiness of the day that fried ice cream I had made last night looked really appetizing! It wasn't exactly the way we had planned to eat this, we didn't even get out the toppings, but it tasted de-licious! So glad I had made them already. Eating this was the perfect way to end a very long day. 

I was going to post the recipe on here but decided it just wouldn't sound appetizing with all the other information I just shared. So you can find the recipe here. : ) 

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