Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Years Resolutions???

I had the crazy thought today to check back on my New Years Resolutions to see how I was doing...

And you know what??? I'm not doing half bad!

Here's what I've accomplished : ) - working on : | - and what I haven't even started yet : (...

Complete the Bible in 90 days reading.... :( .... I thought I had the study I used when I did this a couple of years ago, the one that has the reading schedule, but I haven't found it yet. And I kind of stopped looking. I should get on that soon and be ready to start that by May 1st.

Complete 90 days of P90X.... : | / :( ...... I started this one and then got bored really quickly. It just takes SOOO long to complete. But with my races getting closer I'm really feeling the pressure of needing some serious upper and lower body strengthening. Reading that I was supposed to complete this makes me feel guilty for not sticking with it. *groan* We'll see if I can kick this in to gear soon.

Lose 20-25 pounds... :| .... As you've seen from my updates, I've lost about 6 pounds... so only 19 more to go???

Give our hall bathroom a mini make-over .... :( ..... NOPE.... Its really not on the list at this point. Probably a project for late summer/fall. But I have all year right???

Become a better meal planner... :| ... I feel like maybe my "working on it" face should be a little happier..oh well... Because I am definitely getting better at this! As seen by my Homemade Meal Challenge

Become a better couponer... :| .... Same as above. I'm getting better!

Pay off my car! ..... :) ...... Finally a smiley face!!! I did this back in January actually. It was definitely exciting! Of course as soon as I paid that baby off I got a chip in my windshield. Isn't that always the case? But that's not the point! The Poindexter's have one more debt paid off! 

Finish my first olympic distance triathlon ... :) .... I am in full training!!! I have a 6am wake up call for swimming tomorrow morning!

Run More! ...  :) .... I AM running more. Not enough yet, but I am running. And my sweet Piper has started going with me on my 1-2 mile runs.

Create a baby Poindexter. .... :( ... Not that this really needs a sad face, we haven't necessarily started "trying" yet. But it's coming. Stay tuned.

Become an Aunt! .... :( .... I am going to sad face this one. Still praying for my sister and Brother-in-law for their hearts desire to be granted. I am hoping to hear good news soon!

Re-paint music room ... :).... DONE!

~ Read more .... :) .... I've finished the Explicit Gospel and I've started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

~ Plant a Garden this spring ... :) .... Not completed, but I do have my raised bed made and ready to go. Just waiting for Winter to decide to leave and let Spring have a turn!

How are you doing on your New Year's Resolutions???

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