Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 2016! {A belated post}

We spent this New Years Eve at my parents house having a family and friends game night that involved a new game called "Things..." and a dance off with the Wii Just Dance 2016. And of course when midnight hit I was right where I always want to be getting a kiss from this handsome guy.

...But sharing this picture isn't really why I'm writing a late blog post about New Years...

Some blog post themes I don't really care if I ever get back around to, but then there are some posts that I really do want to keep up on - like annual new year posts! In the midst of busy schedules and life I'm always like "ehhh... I don't really need to write one this year" but then when I actually do have a chance to sit and blog and I look back on last years post I'm all "Ahh! I need to write one. Why didn't I sit and do it sooner?!" Because its fun to document things and be able to go back and remember!!!

So without any more procrastination, and fingers crossed I finish this quickly as we're nearing the end of the afternoon nap time, here's a look back at our 2015!

Travels - We did a lot this past year, actually it was really just over the summer! We went to the OBX in May with Mark's family, flew to Texas in June for my cousins wedding, drove to Ohio in July with my family for a family reunion, drove to Blacksburg, VA in August for my best friends wedding in which Reaghan was a flower girl, and finished off the summer with quick trip to Charlottesville for a Labor Day canoe trip. :) This fall we also went to Massanutten with Mark's family for a long weekend and apple picking.

New Accomplishments - Keeping a tiny human alive for a full year! *high fives all around*. Also losing my baby weight and getting back in to semi regular running and workouts was a big deal for me! But its always a work in progress. ; )

Milestones Reached - We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! I got a special plaque for being at my job for 5 years this past July!

New House Updates - Mark tore down our old shed and built a new one. He re-stained our back deck and built a small arbor for our hammock swing and baby swing. We also finally tore out the overgrown bushes in our front flower bed!

New Things Tried - Mark is taking college classes again! He already holds a B.S. in business with an IT specialty but will have more opportunity for growth where he works if he obtains a certain number of credits in accounting classes. His work is actually partnering with the community college here to offer these classes so its been a great opportunity! He's finished one class and has a few more to go to reach the right hours and may have enough to get him an Associates Degree in accounting.

Races Run - Shamrock 1/2 marathon in March - my first big post baby race! The Step Up for the Up Center event where I climbed the tallest building in VA 3x, a doggy dash 5k, and a Surfin Santa 5 miler. Its harder to find time/money to run races these days.

New Scary Moments - One evening while I was on my way home from work, Mark called and said Reaghan was in such a crying fit that she was gasping for air and wouldn't settle down. When I got home I couldn't console her for a while either and when trying to feed her she couldn't catch her breath. She was only about 4 months old. I called my mom and then because of the way she was gasping I called the pediatrician... turns out she really had just worked herself up over something that we'll never know... Looking back I can definitely see a small over reaction on my part haha but I'll always remember it being the first moment that I was truly scared as a new mom that something might not be right. Another scary parenthood moment? Reaghan fell backwards on a patio at 10 months when trying to cruise along a table and hit the back of her head on the concrete. My stomach turns at the thought of hearing that "thud" sound. She was fine, but you guys... being a parent is hard in all sorts of little ways that you don't even realize. Like hurting when your baby hurts. So for new scary moments??? Yea, being a parent in and of itself is pretty scary.

Prayers Answered - Aside from the minor incidents above, Reaghan has had a healthy year! Only minor colds and rashes and no emergency situations! Thank you Lord! We are praying the same for 2016!

Also... *drum roll* My sister and her husband announced their pregnancy just shortly before the New Year! After 4 years of struggling through infertility God has answered their prayers! We are ecstatic!! I can't wait to watch her belly grow and I'm so excited about all of the goodness this year will bring because of this new life!

We are ready for you 2016!!!

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