Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Piper's Beach Day

Can somebody please tell me what happened to spring??? We waited so so long this year for warmer weather to finally make its appearance but it is being such a tease! 80 degrees one day and then 45-50 degrees the next??? So. not. fair. But I thought I'd share a few pictures from Piper's first day at the beach to help encourage spring to come and actually STAY.

Warning: My white legs/arms may blind you. It was my first beach day too!

Trying to get Piper to focus on me and not the million sights/smells she was experiencing.

She finally figured out she wasn't going to get to play unless she listened.

Piper couldn't have a beach day without her best friends Shelby and Fletcher. Shelby's licking her chops and eyeballing the grapes we were snacking on.

"I like the water, but, those waves are kind of scary mom..."

"Mom, this has been a great walk, but can I go chase those sea gulls now?"

Piper loves her "uncle" Adam. She can't get enough of him whenever they're together.

"I LOVE THE BEACH! Can we come again soon?"

As soon as spring decides to stick around, my Pipes, I'll take you back to the beach. I promise!

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