Saturday, August 12, 2017

See Lilly Grow! {6 Months}

Lilly Pop is 6 months old!! How has 1/2 a year gone by since she joined our family? Some days life with 2 littles is tiring, frustrating and overwhelming. I don't think I've gone to bed before midnight since Lilly was born. Some days we run like a well oiled machine and everyone naps and sleeps through the night and eats nutritious meals at appropriate times. 

 Lilly has definitely given us a run for our money in lots of areas. She's needy and fussy. She spits up every hour of her life all over us and the house. She can make your ears ring with her screams when she gets mad and I don't even remember what a quiet car ride is like. BUT her smile is the sweetest, her laugh is contagious and her cuddles are so soothing. I believe that she's going to grow up to feel things deeply. Her emotions will run deep and I'm willing to bet that so will her will. (I mean, she has persisted in screaming in the car for the last 6 months, she won't quit!)

She had her 6 months check up and weighed 16 pounds 13 oz. She was 60th percentile for weight but only 37th for height! Short and stocky : ) She wears size 3 diapers and is in 6 month and 6-9 month clothes.  

She took her first trip to Urgent Care one Friday night for.... wait for it... absolutely nothing. Whomp whomp whomp... I thought maybe she had an ear infection because she had had a cold and after her little cold disappeared she got unusually fussy and didn't sleep for 5 days straight! Tylenol wasn't making much of a difference so I was afraid something else was going on...  I sat with her at an Urgent Care for 2 hours where she screamed her head off while they flushed her ears to see the ear drum better only to tell us they looked fine. *face palm* Apparently she was just on a sleeping strike. **I looked back at Reaghan's 6 month update and apparently she had the same sleeping strike around this time too! Next time I'll remember that not sleeping/fussiness around this time is just a growth spurt and I won't go to the Doctors. haha**

She is eating solid foods! She was totally unimpressed with rice cereal. She was really excited to taste it but you could tell she was underwhelmed once she ate it haha. She was way more into sweet potatoes a week later. So far she has had sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans and peas. Loves the potatoes and carrots, tolerates green beans and squash but actually gags on the peas and refuses to eat them. It's hilarious! I'm going to keep making her eat them because I don't want another eater like Reaghan! She's getting solid foods every night for dinner and I'm trying to work in lunches for her too, but sometimes I just forget! Breastfeeding is more spread out now, usually every 4 hours now.

Other than that one week of waking every hour for no apparent reason. (She must've been going through a growth spurt or something) she is sleeping through the night! Yay for more sleep! Bed time is usually between 8:30-9 and she wakes up between 6-7. Most morning she eats and then falls right back to sleep for another hour or 2!

Her teething toys, especially the little rubber banana and corn toothbrush. Likes toys that make sound. Laughs at her big sissy when she jumps around. Still loves to be held and entertained, likes it when you talk to her! She will be content as long as someone is holding her. She does like her exersaucer now and that buys me about 10 minutes to get things done. Enjoys bath time with big sissy. Likes to give big open mouth kisses all over peoples face. Blows raspberries on my shoulders. Easily smiles at anyone that talks to her.  

The car saga continues.... I think its slowly improving. Like instead of screaming 99.9% of the time we get in the car its only 89.5% of the time and sometimes only 2/3's of the ride. She doesn't like to be alone! She throws a fit when I walk through a room and don't pick her up. I try to be sneaky sometimes so she can't see me. She doesn't like being in the ergo carrier anymore because she can't see and she's too little to face out yet. (SO I'm back to online grocery shopping.) 

She is growing so fast! This past month she started pushing herself up into a little baby plank position on her arms and toes and now she can get herself into a quadruped position and rock back and forth. She hasn't figured out how to move her arms yet so she either flops forward or scoots herself backwards. She finally figured out the sitting up thing just days before turning 6 months, but I still have to be within arms reach of her because she's not great at it. Eating solid foods like I said before. I haven't tried sitting her up by herself in a cart or restaurant high chair yet but at home she sits in her high chair for dinner now and had her first time sitting in her big girl stroller seat. Starting to babble ma-ma-ma sometimes!

Sibling Love
My favorite thing is to listen to Reaghan talk to Lilly. When she's fussing she'll say "Oh whats the matter my sweet love?" If Lilly is being silly and grabbing her hair Reaghan will say "No no sweet girwl." If she spits up she says "Ugh! You are da spit up queen!"  hahaha it reminds me that she is listening to everything I say ;) Reaghan is so proud that Lilly laughs at her when she jumps around. She says "My sister likes it when I go cwazy." She loves to wear matching clothes with Lilly. She never gets mad at her, even if Lilly accidentally hurts her by grabbing her hair or pinching her.

Is it just me, or is Lilly's head the same size as Reaghans?! haha

Special Outings/Events
We visited the farm for cousin Brooklyn's birthday. Had a beach day with family where a crab crawled up on her head while she was sleeping on a towel under the umbrella! (thankfully she had a hat on!) Visited the water park for the first time with big sissy and friends. Enjoyed pool days at Grammie and Pop Pops in her float.

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