Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Firsts

Mark and I put up our Christmas tree and lights a little bit ago I just keep forgetting to post pictures! 

We took a special trip to garden ridge to buy some Christmas cheer for our house including the cute snowman tree skirt that you can see in the picture. I'm a huge fan of snowmen...especially when it comes to decorating for Christmas. I have snowmen on my doormat, my indoor rug, tree skirt, and stocking hangers. They might even make an appearance on my stockings..maybe too much???

As Mark and I decorated our tree I tried to take little snap shots in my mind, savoring each sweet moment with my husband. These are the days that will turn into memories that turn into precious stories that will be told to our children when we recount our early days of marriage.

I am excited to make Christmas traditions with the husband of my youth. And I am taking every opportunity to make happy memories of our first Christmas and holiday season as husband and wife. 

After all... you only get one first Christmas together. : )

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