Friday, November 8, 2013

30 Day of Thanks - Sisters

Day 8

There are few words that could describe how glad I am that God made my 3 beautiful sisters a part of my family. We were always very close growing up, thanks in part to my moms insistence that friends come and go but family is forever therefore we should spend more time together than with friends.

I am thankful for that advice because just as mom predicted, these girls are still around. They are for sure my best friends and we're having a fun time sharing our lives together.

My older sister Erin, the first born in the family... In her young 27 years of life she has already faced many challenges but always carries herself with grace. She has a Mary heart, one that I wish I could cultivate in my own soul. She is always spending her time on "the best things" in life and leaving the worries and clean up for later. Making memories is her specialty. She is lovely and strong and lucky for me she lives less than 10 minutes from my house :)

My younger sister Mallory is the beauty of the family. She turns all the boys heads when we are shopping in the mall - and not because of her attire, for she's also the most modest of us 4 girls, but for her classic, natural beauty. Not only is she the beauty but she was and still is the bringer of laughter in the house. In heavy and sad times we can always count on Mal to lighten the mood. She is   young, captivating and full of life, with so many good things coming her way. Not to mention she is the one that took these beautiful pictures during our family photo shoot in 2012. 

The baby of the girls - the baby of the whole family - is Sara Evie. We always joke that my parents reached perfection with the last kid of the family because her looks are a perfect blend of my parents. She was a sweet surprise to our family when she was born, and her life brought joy during the hardest time in the Kessler Klan's history. Now she is 13 and learning who she is in Christ and who she is going to be in this life. She is good and pure, delightful and pretty, and has the gift of a servants heart.  

 I praise God for the gift of my sisters. 

(Thanks Mal for sharing your pictures with me! Check out her blog Without Words Photography, she has an amazing talent for capturing people and special moments. Yes this is my shameless plug for my sister :))

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