Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Days of Thanks + Veterans Day

Day 11

With today being Veterans Day, it is of course natural that my thoughts of gratitude would be directed towards those that have served and are still serving our country. There are many people in my family that have been or are still a member of the U.S Military, including my mom's mom and dad who both served in the Air Force, my dads dad who was in the Navy, and many great aunts and uncles who served in various branches during World War II and Vietnam. I also live in the area that is home to the largest U.S. Naval base in the world. Needless to say, as locals here we know and are friends with many who serve in the Military and we get an up close look at the sacrifices they and their families make. I am grateful for their choice to serve their country in this capacity so that I may enjoy many freedoms that I often take for granted.

In honor of Veterans Day I searched around on the web and found some different ideas for thanking past and present service men and women. If you ever get the chance, don't hesitate to express your thanks for their service!

1.) Say Thank You! A sincere thank you with a nod or a hand shake, just don't linger or ask awkward/probing questions.

2.) Send a letter or a care package. There are many organizations you can go through to send encouragement to those that are away from their families. (Like THIS one)

3.) Buy and meal/coffee for a Vet. If you notice someone in uniform while eating out, quietly (and even anonymously if possible) purchase their meal or drink for them.

4.) Remember military families. If you know a spouse of a military member that happens to be deployed, offer to help with things on the home front. Yard work, baby sitting, or taking them a meal could go a long way to ease their burden while their spouse is away.

5.) Visit a military cemetery or memorial and "pay your respects". If you have children, bring them along. Teach them that Veterans Day (as well as Memorial Day) is not just a holiday or a day off of school. It is a time to honor those that have sacrificed for our freedom.

6.) Volunteer for a charity organization that helps veterans. There are many, all you have to do is google it!

7.) Show support in your community! Attend or volunteer at events in your community that honor military men and women such as parades or welcoming troops home at an airport/dock.

8) Pray for them.

Are there any other ways that you have thanked a military service member?

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