Friday, November 15, 2013

30 Days of Thanks - Seasons

Day 15

I don't think there is one season that I don't enjoy. There are some people that say they would enjoy summer year 'round, or fall all the time, but not me. I like the change, in fact I crave the change. I am all about the current season until the end of the 3rd month of the season rolls around, at that point I start looking forward to the coming differences in the world around me. The new temperatures, clothing styles, sceneries, and foods that come with each season gives me a happy heart. I am grateful that God made a world that ebbs and flows between warmth and cold, sun shine and gray skies, celebrations and work, and yes - even life and death. One of my favorite phrases to use when talking about life is referencing "the season of life" that you or I may be in. How amazing is it that we can find so many similarities between the seasons of nature and the seasons of our own lives??? How wise God is to give us something we can see with our own eyes to help us understand life and change. What a wonderful Maker we have!

Currently - obviously - I'm in full fall mode! We enjoyed temperatures in the 60s and 70s for most of October so it took a while for the leaves around here to start changing, but when they did, the trees in our neighborhood put on a beautiful display of colors.

Here was one in my neighbors yard that I had to capture. I loved the way the bottom half was still green!

 This one looked as if someone had set fire to it, the little sprigs reached towards the sky like little flickering flames. I snapped this one while on a walk with Piper a few days ago.

My house is sprinkled with a little fall decor here and there, and I am leaving it up until after Thanksgiving! I love Christmastime, but just like I enjoy each season I've always loved to commit to one holiday before looking to the next! 

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