Wednesday, November 27, 2013

30 Days of Thanks - Day 26 + 27

Day 26

I am thankful for the chance to host my family at Thanksgiving this year. Me and My sister will be taking the lead for the cooking this year, which I know is a welcome break for my mom and she will be able to enjoy her holiday without the worries of making food for the family. (She's a great cook, but cooking is by far her least favorite activity - and she's not ashamed to admit it ;) )

Day 27

I am grateful for my sisters willingness to always help me out! She came over today to help with Thanksgiving preparations. She brought over some serving trays, food ingredients for tomorrows feast and her creativity! We set the table up - complete with centerpiece and place settings for everybody. She helped me brine the turkey, (This is my first year brining a turkey! I'm super nervous about how it will turn out, but the brine certainly smelled delicious as we were making it!), she helped me plan out the cooking times for all of the food tomorrow (we have a lot to make in my new oven!) And she helped me prep all of the appetizers for tomorrow.

I am so excited to put up pictures of our table for this years feast! We had to modify our small, skinny dining room table that usually only seats 6 - to a large square table that could fit all 10 of us (and actually we could probably get 12 people around it!) I can't wait to share what we did! But I'm headed off to bed because its going to be an early start for me tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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