Monday, November 18, 2013

30 Days of Thanks - New Appliances

Day 17

Christmas came early for Mark and I this year! We have been planning this present to each other for the past 6 months and it was very exciting to finally purchase and have them put into our home. Earlier this year we decided we wanted to buy new appliances for our kitchen so we decided that could be our Christmas gift to one another. It's a pretty expensive Christmas gift, even for a joint gift, but we worked on saving money over the last few months so that we could purchase these appliances with cash. Thankfully nothing came up that required those funds to be used for something else in the meantime, so last week after being sure that we could spend the money we had set aside, we went out shopping at all the stores during their Veteran's Day sales.

It ended up being harder than we thought to find something for our kitchen, because apparently the space for our refrigerator is smaller than standard size. Of course that meant we would be paying just as much if not more money for a smaller sized fridge because it was a more "custom" size fridge and companies don't make many in that size. How lucky is that? haha We did finally find one that would fit (in size and budget) in a 3 piece suite from Lowes, but getting it into our house wasn't without challenges! Mark had to trim underneath our cabinets to ensure it wouldn't be too tall, and then in order to get it into our house the doors had to be removed from the refrigerator and then reassembled once it was in the kitchen. But it was all worth it! I love the way the new stainless steel appliances look. I feel awfully spoiled when I go into my kitchen now and see these gifts because they are so far beyond what I actually need. 

Here Piper is modeling the new fridge. I am so excited to have the bottom freezer drawer! We sold our other stove to help pay for the new appliances but we decided to keep our other fridge in the garage. I am excited to have all this new freezer space!

We got our microwave 2 black Friday's ago - Mark bought it his first year in the house before we got married but the new oven looks so pretty underneath it!

The dishwasher was an old stainless steel dishwasher so it would've matched, but it wasn't doing a great job cleaning our dishes and this new one came in the 3 piece suite for a great price. A friend of ours needed a dishwasher for the holidays since they weren't going to be able to buy a new one until after the new year, so we gave them our old dishwasher for the interim.

Here is a before picture from when we first got the house - just to show the progress we've made over the last 2 years. (It has officially been 2 years today that we have owned this house!)

And the after - what it looks like today:

(I've also upgraded to an iphone in the last 2 years, the panorama feature is awesome for taking pictures of rooms! Even though it comes out with sort of a "fish bowl" look, you can get the whole room in one picture! I love it!)

I am incredibly blessed to be able to purchase these extras for our house. Mark works so hard to give me nice, new things and I am grateful for his Godly financial planning that enables us to make these purchases and remain debt free. 

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