Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Thanks - Laughter

Day 10

I am barely getting this in today, but I am so incredibly thankful for the gift of laughter. Tonight Mark and I enjoyed a nice night out with his sister and brother in law and went and saw a comedy act. I had never been to a live comedy show before - mostly because it is hard to find good, clean comedy and I'm not interested in hearing crude jokes or foul language. But a few weeks ago Mark saw that Kevin James, the actor from the TV show King of Queens, was coming to town. Mark loves Kevin James and knew that he put on a clean show, so he bought us tickets right away and we found out after he bought them that his brother in law had bought tickets too!

It was definitely a fun time! I laughed so hard that I have a headache now. Has that ever happened to you before? Its a good feeling - the laughing hard part, not the headache. It was a good way to end the weekend before a new work week. God is gracious to give us these little gift of life. Could you imagine a life without laughter??? I am so thankful for His grand design when creating us.

Have a good week everybody!


By the way - laughter - is spelled funny. (along with cough, tough, etc.) I want to know who decided the "gh" together would make the "ff" sound. It makes no sense.

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