Monday, November 18, 2013

30 Days of Thanks - Friends and Coffee Shops

Day 16

I had the opportunity to hang out with a dear friend of mine, miss Heather. We grew up going to the same church but didn't really become friends until my sophmore and her senior year of high school. We haven't been able to spend too much time together over the last few years seeing as she's been living in the Philippines and working for the Peace Corps, but she is back in the States now so we have been trying to have regular "date nights".

On Saturday we decided to skip the main stream Starbucks coffee shop for a local place in downtown Norfolk.

Cafe Stella sits on a quaint street in the Ghent area. We weren't super smart when we decided to go for coffee on a day that ended up being 70 degrees outside, but we enjoyed our warm drinks outside under the yellow umbrella's anyways. I'm not a coffee drinker, I keep trying and the taste is just not something my tastebuds enjoy, but I love a good cup of hot tea. Mmmm... 

It was super cute inside and the tables pretty quickly filled with what seemed like lots of college students (who else has text books and laptops in coffee shops?). 

I am grateful for these girl dates with Heather. She is a lovely, Godly young woman who uses her talents to serve the Lord. I am blessed to have friends that don't just go along with whatever the norm happens to be, especially when it comes to Christianity. It is nice to be able to chat about life and dreams with the binding agent of Christ between us. Plus, she's pretty cool. I don't have any other friends that are fluent in 4 different languages. ; )

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